Massage Therapist


Jolina is a master massage therapist and owns Boulder Nuad That. She uses effective technique for reducing pain and tension and provides the wonderful spa touches that include warm towels and wonderful scents. Her kindness and care stands out that makes her practice welcoming and a joy to visit. Please be sure to book with Jolina.


Massage Therapist


Rachel Prarie is an outstanding therapist for her warm presence, technique, palpation (hand listening skills) and critical thinking process. She is a wonderful person and has been a powerful, loving presence in my life.  Rachel will be a true friend to your body and mind. Her practice is in Niwot.

Physical Therapist

Mark Plaatjes is a an expert Physical Therapist.

Craniosacral Therapist


Lynn Murnahan, RN and Craniosacral teacher/therapist is a highly effective craniosacral therapist. She has the skills and experience to meet your body, mind, and heart.




Receiving an assessment at Alandi Ashram is an interesting experience. Students or the Ma ask for your history with warmth and care and assess your body-mind condition through pulse reading and more. They provide lifestyle and herbal treatments to help support you in reaching your fullest potential.




Tauna Houghton is a longtime practitioner of Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle practices. Trained by Dr. John Douillard of Boulder, CO, Tauna is learned, compassionate, and an expert consultant. Tauna is a true friend to all whom she encounters.

Nail Care 

I adore Ling at Eagle Nails. She is present-centered, warm, and kind and does a great job! I have appreciated working with her!  (303) 449-2424

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